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Administration and Supplies

Administration and Supplies deals with staff matters, general administration and maintenance, procurement matters, stores and training general.

This department is headed by a Director and it has one division with some units under it. The units under it are as follows :

Units under Administration and Supplies Department

Open Registry :- Due to insufficient office accommodation, both the open and confidential registries are compressed in to one and it is headed by an Assistant Chief Executive Officer.

Store :- The Ministry has a store which is being managed by a Chief Clerical Officer.

Staff Disposition:

The distribution of staff in the Administration and Supply Department is shown in the table below:

1 Director (Admin & Supply 1
2 Senior Admin Officer 1
3 Assistant Chief Executive Officer 1
4 Executive Officer 1
5 Assistant Executive Officer 1
6 Confidential Secretary 1
7 Chief Clerical Officer 2
8 Clerical Officer 2
                                                      Total= 10

Finance and Accounts Department

Finance and Accounts prepares and manages the general accounts (revenue and expenditure) and Finances of the Ministry. It is also responsible for the preparation of salaries and personal emoluments including leave allowances of Staff.